مينت جهاز تعقب و التحكم بالهاتف عن بعد - فضي

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العلامة التجارية: Slightech
Item-RingerFinding items by.... عرض المزيد
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Finding items by calling the MYNT through MYNT app. Open the MYNT app, click on the item icon, setting it to ring. The interface will show the distances, while upon the last few feet, the MYNT ring will guide you like a homing beacon.

Finding your phone by set it ringing. Press and hold any of your MYNT, the phone will ring even if it is mute or on silent. Just make sure the phone has a battery.

Separation Location
MYNT records every last location of the MYNTs under management. Open the GPS map in the app, and it will show where it was. It gets updated when the MYNT is connected again.

Remote Shutter
The MYNT button is a camera remote shutter. Easy to use. Effective for up to 150 feet. You need a pretty powerful lens for the 150 feet picture.

Music Remote Control
Whether you want to give a purpose, or want to enjoy a cup of wine on the sofa, MYNT can set your devices playing music with the tiny but powerful single button.