Nuckees Original Smartphone Grip Multi-Surface Mount

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Compatible with all Original (flat) nuckees™ Phone Grips.... عرض المزيد
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  • Compatible with all Original (flat) nuckees™ Phone Grips
  • Provides 360° Rotation and One-Touch Adjustment
  • Will Stick to Any Flat Surface – Windshields, Walls, Desks, Kitchen Counters and More!
  • Low-Profile Design Allows Full Visibility and Tapping Functionality
  • Reusable Adhesive Back

From keeping your phone docked and ideally positioned for safe access during the commute to freeing additional desk space, the nuckees Multi-Surface Mount can do it all in style. This durable and adaptable multi-surface mount features a sticky adhesive back that can stick to any flat surface and be used over and over again.

Designed for the Original nuckees™ Phone Grip, this versatile mounting system is compatible with all flat nuckees grips. When docked, it securely holds devices in vertical or horizontal positions and can tilt or rotate to 360° at your convenience. Slim and surprisingly strong, the Multi-Surface Mount can support any size and brand of device. Best of all, it’s low-profile to allow you the best visibility at all time, whether docking your smartphone for a GPS or live-streaming on the go. Drive safer and keep a cleaner workspace, all with one handy mount.