Thrustmaster T-GT Gran Turismo Sport Racing Wheel (PC/PS4/PS3)

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T-LIN (Linearity)     Thrustmaster T-GT ensures Force Feedback LINEARITY. The force .... عرض المزيد
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T-LIN (Linearity)    

Thrustmaster T-GT ensures Force Feedback LINEARITY.

The force felt by the user is 100% proportional to the force determined in the game. Cars’ behavior and track conditions are faithfully reproduced, with more details This enables the racer to anticipate and react more efficiently, according to the information feedback through the racing wheel. 

This improves their comprehension of their driving, enabling them to beat records and win races.


The T-GT motor provides powerful 40-watt LINEAR brushless Force Feedback and incredible velocity (dynamic torque): from long stall curves to super-responsive S curves.

This high-power motor is able to provide the velocity required to harness remarkably dynamic and powerful effects.

This powerful motor is also swifter and delivers instantly faster and stronger responses to racers, based on the newly developed linearity concept, T-LIN.

T- DFB (Depth Feedback) 

Years of collaboration with Polyphony have resulted in the creation of in-depth sensations in the steering column. Combining brushless motors’ refined Force Feedback with this Depth Feedback creates a realistic 3D perception of the environment.

As a complement to standard Force Feedback, this unique, completely novel system adds a new range of effects including tire adherence (grip or slippage) in understeering and oversteering, mass transfers, road textures and irregularities, suspension and other parameters specific to each vehicle and circuit. 

Thrustmaster T-DFB is a Gran Turismo Sport exclusive.


The external and powerful power supply delivers constant power and massive peak power (400 watts) to instantly respond to ultra-fast requests from the game rendered by the T-LIN and T-40VE during game phases such as power drifts or multiple chicanes. 

The toroidal shape is meant to optimize efficiency versus heat at 86% , with a finless design.

T-MCE* (Motor Cooling Embedded)    

Motor-Cooling-Embedded system maintains linearity and dynamics with the new T-40VE motor.

Thanks to T-MCE technology, the T-40VE motor manages heat transfer and dissipation more efficiently than ever before. The T-40VE incorporates this cooling system right in the very heart of the motor, in a highly constrained and enclosed environment. This combination ensures constant precision in terms of rendering of the T-GT’s performance and effects throughout racing sessions, allowing the driver to experience the full complexity of sensations.

Detachable leather-wrapped wheel 

A fine and smooth-textured leather has been selected to facilitate drifting maneuvers, inspired by the racing wheels of real sports cars. This ensures maximum comfort for long hours of practice and during competitions.

Full equipment featuring four rotary selectors (12 positions) and push button for extra responsiveness (up to 25 possible action buttons), two mini-sticks for intuitive quick access in navigation menus, photo menus and extra control over progressive settings, such as inside cockpit view and peripheral view, and two metal paddle shifters.

270°–1080° rotation. Weighs less than 2.6 lb /1.2 kg for optimal inertia and realistic Force Feedback sensations.


            *Patent pending

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