جيم سير اف 2 يد تحكم للألعاب للهواتف الذكية

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الموديل: F2-GAMESIR
العلامة التجارية: Gamesir
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Fire Faster Than Ever!

GameSir never stopped the pace of innovating products to raise and satisfy customers' gaming experience.

All the mysteries are hidden in this easily portable oval-shaped gaming hardware: GameSir F2 Firestick Grip that will bring out the Sniper in your blood.

Be kicked out from games? Account gets banned? No worry for GameSir F2 Firestick Grip! Unlike other gaming peripherals, when playing with GameSir F2 Firestick Grip, a hardware peripheral, the game won't detect you as a emulator player so that there's no risk of being kicked out of the game or accounts being banned.

Ergonomic Design, Multifunctional Connector

GameSir F2 Firestick Grip adopts polished metallic anti-scratching shell. Its ergonomic design is incomparable so that it reduces the hand fatigue due to long gaming sessions.

GameSir F2 Firestick Grip also allows gamers to charge and plug in earphones while playing.