Xiaomi Mi Multicolour WiFi LED Smart Bulb

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الموديل: GPX4025GL
العلامة التجارية: Xiaomi
Key FeaturesWorks with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant / Apple HomeKitControlled remot.... عرض المزيد
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Key Features
Works with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant / Apple HomeKit
Controlled remotely with Xiaomi's personal app
Great intensity of illumination
Programmable, music sync and flowing colours mode
WiFi connectivity

Xiaomi never lets you down. One of the most important brands of the moment always has the best articles to make a spectacular and domotic house, a house worthy of you. Now, so you can improve your home, even more, this Xiaomi Mi Multicolour WiFi LED Smart Bulb is designed to have all the light in your home without any problem. Especially suitable for you, who want to have a powerful smart home and high quality, this model is designed so you can easily control it and give you all the features you need. Come and discover it!

Get control
The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulbs is designed for easy use. Simply download the Xiaomi Home app to your mobile phone and you can control many parameters remotely, whether you're indoors or out. Things like turning off the lights for your children without waking them up by entering their room, turning on or off a room light without having to move from the couch or get out of bed, or checking if you turned off the lights when you left your house. This model simplifies your life and makes it as comfortable as possible - easier to use and more powerful!

With 16 million colours, the configuration options are endless
The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulba RGB is designed to be able to adapt it to what you need at any time. This model gives you a choice of 16 million colours, you can set your environment according to your mood and plans. It will give you colour for every situation, with its capacity to change colour, from being able to give you a more passionate atmosphere to have the maximum of luminosity, you have a whole range of colours and tones to be able to adapt the room to every moment. In addition, thanks to your App Xiaomi Home, you can make colour combinations and save them so you can use them at any time and in any place. It's spectacular!

Adjusts the colour temperature for a long time
These models have an optimal design and a high quality LED, which makes them work stably, reducing glare and protecting your eyesight for a long time. The colour temperature is adjustable from 1700K to 6500K to suit your needs at any given time, and you can also adjust the level of light attenuation. But this smart bulb will not only make you feel more comfortable at home, but it will also make you forget about changing the bulbs for a long time thanks to its long life, it will be able to give you about 25000 hours of luminance, which is equivalent to about 11 years of life! This pack is a winning combination and you can find it at PowerPlanetOnline!

What's in the Box
2 x Smart Bulb Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb RGB1 x User Manual