NexiGo Twin Charge Docking Station PS5 (White)

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Upgraded Design This Charging Dock is designed to charge two PS5 controllers at the same time. The special featured USB Type-C dongle is inserted and connected to the DualSense controller. This all-in-one design will prevent your controllers from scratches. NotePlease read our installation instruction. The dongle should be pulled together with your controllers.


5V/2A Fast Charging Capable of charging two Playstation 5 DualSense wireless controllers in under 4 hours. Save time and game on! Please note: Only if the input power source is at least 5V/2A, the controllers can be fully charged under 4 hours. You can also use the front USB port on the console for dual charging. 


Intelligent Safety Built-in protector chip provides overcharge protection and the product is fitted with an anti-slip design. When it is fully charged, it will automatically disconnect the power supply to protect your equipment from potential damage.


LED Charging Indicator LED lights on the front of the screen clearly indicate when charging is complete: a red light shows that charging is in progress and a green light displays that the controller is fully charged. 


Warranty Support 1 Year Manufactures Warranty. Package includes 1 x PS5 Dual Controller Charging Dock, 1 x USB Type-C to A Charging Cable, 2 USB typc-c connectors to controller. Note: Wall Charger is not included. You can either use a 5V/2A charger or the front USB Port on the console.

Made for PS5 Series

Safe and reliable, built specifically for the Playstation 5 DualSense controller.

Compact Design

Portable and durable, the compact body can easily be transported inside a backpack, purse, or computer bag.

Convenient LED Indicator

Stylish LED light on the front indicates when the controller is fully charged and ready for play.